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Unfortunately, we live in a violent world. Homicides, suicides, undiscovered deaths and traumatic injuries are a regrettable and stressful part of modern life. These tragic events are difficult to deal with, and the aftermath can be overwhelming. Those emotionally involved shouldn’t have to deal with the cleanup. Our services help bring closure and peace of mind

  • How are biohazards dealt with?
  • Who disposes of them?
  • Who will assist in returning things to their natural order?
  • Are there liabilities to consider?
  • Where does one turn?

Bio Scene Recovery can answer these questions and provide solutions for problems that may arise after occurrences like these.

Our knowledgeable, caring staff uses EPA registered disinfectant and disposal methods to protect you from any potential harm. Bio Scene Recovery is fully licensed, certified and insured. We carry full workers’ compensation insurance. We will work with law enforcement, property managers, insurance companies and government agencies to provide waste removal and cleanup services. To ease the burden, you’ll find that most of our services are covered by homeowner, auto or business insurance.

We keep all services and information confidential, and are here to help those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you would like to request our services, or if you’d like to ask a few questions, call us toll-free at 877-380-5500.

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